Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lovely life

 I haven't had much time over the last week for crafty work - the kids are now at preschool (Little Soldier) / kindy (Princess) which means I have less time than last year as school days are much shorter than daycare/grandparent days!  I am still figuring out how to fit in my increased work hours and look after the family (the fridge has been very bare on a couple of occasions) and take care of myself.  I'm sure in a few weeks it will all be much better but for now I am just concentrating on the little bits of joy in the day.

Like a perfect coffee from Hustle in Freo (soooo pretty too)

Princess' delight with her shadow

A cheese sandwich in greaseproof paper

The second fig from my new tree (I scoffed the first one before I could record it for posterity)

We are going proper camping for the first time on the weekend for my brother's birthday. By proper I mean in a tent with very limited facilities (I think toilets and a firepit is about it).  I very much like the idea of camping but it's possible that the kids will be up at 5am and not in bed til 9 pm and all of us will be grumpy.  On the plus side we will be in the forest, almost on the beach near Margaret River and very near a number of microbreweries (to keep The Dude happy).  Lovely.  

I need to go through my stash to find some mindless crafting I can do around the campfire,  all my current UFOs require laying out on a table or constant referring to a pattern.  Just aswell the stash is pretty big.

I will report back after the weekend, when I am washed and awake! xx

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