Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm in love...

A strange place to start my blog but I have to declare that I am in love.  Obviously with The Dude, Little Soldier and Princess.  But my feelings for my new toy, an iRobot Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner (or Daisy as Little Soldier has named it) are pretty strong. The Brand New House has all concrete floors that I fail miserably to keep clean so having something to beetle across the floor and pick up all the dust and dirt is wonderful.  When I went back to work the deal was that I would have a cleaner but I can't find someone I'm happy with so this is a partial compromise (anyone know of a gadget that will clean the bathrooms???).

This afternoon Princess was at Nan's house (bless all grandparents who volunteer to have their grandkids) so Little Soldier and I went out into the garden (or rather wasteland that will one day be a garden).  He's not too happy to be out there on his own, so I took my knitting and a cup of tea, perched on a footstool and enjoyed the fresh air.

I'm knitting a sweater vest for The Dude.  He doesn't want one but he's getting one anyway and he is such a good hubby he will wear it.  It will be grey and navy blue, as low key as I can manage. I've completed the waistband, now just lots of circular garter stitch - perfect for mindless knitting!  I'm using two circular needles at the moment, but am considering transferring to one to make things quicker - all that pulling cable out and knitting onto needles gets a bit tiresome.

It was a beautiful afternoon, clear skies and not too cool or windy. Just look at that beautiful blue sky, and try not to look at the sand, rubble and mess that is the backyard.  And also ignore Little Man wasting water while making mud pies. 

Lets hope we have lots more autumn days like these! x

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