Wednesday, May 2, 2012

At home alone

Poker night for The Dude means a quiet night at home for me.  Tonight I watched one of my favourite films, Bright Star by Jane Campion.  Not only is this the type of film I like to watch when I am on my own - slow, quiet, visually beautiful - but also because the main female character sews all her own clothes, by hand, beautifully.  If only I had days to while away, hand sewing and floating around Hampstead Heath...

I got this film out of my local library, which is the awesome City of Melville library, AH Bracks.  I don't go as often as would like, but I swear they get in at least two new crafting books every month.  Yum yum! Plus there is a huge kids section with jigsaws to keep the little ones amused I try to decide which eight books to take home.  If you have a local library, support it!

I've decided to start yet another knitting project, a stripey scarf using these two colours of Moda Vera Pure Wool 8 Ply yarn from Spotlight.  I want a nice flat reversible stitch for this but don't want to do K1P1.  Any suggestions? x

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