Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baking bread

Let me start by saying I am not a domestic goddess.  I am what my mum calls a journeyman cook - I am fine at the basics but in no way fit for Masterchef. That said, I have had a go at baking bread the last couple of weekends. Look...

Little Soldier very sweetly asked for his school lunches to be made out of my bread. Aww.  By the way, my favorite mummy cheat of the moment is to make all of the kids sandwiches on Sunday night and then wrap in grease proof and freeze.  It helps that my kids only want cheese sandwiches but this definitely makes mornings easier!

I am following my lovely London sister-in-law's practice of baking a cake in Saturday mornings for weekend snacks. Both cakes so far have come from 'Mary Berry's Baking Bible', which does a very nice line in easy, plain (as in not iced, layered confections) cake recipes.  This is the Spiced Ginger Traybake and it was very nice, even out of the freezer.

One of my favorite fabric stores, Homecraft in East Vic Park, is having it's annual 50% everything sale (and they really mean everything, I stock up on zips, cotton, curtain tape, snips, needles, etc).  I have been twice already and will go again and am having real difficulty resisting the urge to buy this plastic tablecloth.  I am such a sucker for tacky...


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