Thursday, April 11, 2013

Life is just crazy busy

Hi there! I wish had time to take more photos and blog more often but my life is just crazy at the moment. Between family, work, house and craft (an absolute essential in my life) every minute is full.  Here's what I'm working on at the moment... 
Tardis blanket -very belated wedding gift for a friend
R2D2 beanie - for my nephew
garden beds -have given up on getting a gardener to come to see the garden and then come back to do it!
Guest room - to be magicked up out of very messy craft room
Baby blanket - for a friends baby, nearly one year late

And yet to be done...
Baby blanket & toys - again nearly one year late
Curtains for princess and my rooms
Rugs for kitchen & entry hall
So much knitting for our English family
Tiling the veranda

And so on. That said, I'm usually pretty happy these days! How's your life at the moment? X

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