Monday, May 6, 2013

Autumn Weekends

It is so lovely here at the moment, with the autumn setting in and making it quite fun to put my feet on the cold concrete floor in the morning and then warming up to glorious sunshine in the mid-20's in the afternoon.

I spent a lovely hour with Princess on Saturday at the local playground.  I am so lucky that this one has a fence all the way around and four cafes within 30 metres, including the fantastic Cookie Dough.  Needless to say they sell amazing biscuits.  This is the view above my head.

As I walked back home, I noticed something I've never seen before, no matter that I have lived on tis street for 8 years.  Some of the houses on our street are semi-detached (ie. they share one central wall).  This was outside on the top of this central wall. 

Princess was quite intrigued as to why there was a beautiful lady on the top of the house.  There was another lady and a man underneath her that I couldn't catch a picture of.  I am going to have to keep a look out for more.

I am struggling on with my long list of knitting and crochet projects, will have to report soon I am sure!

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