Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Who got a pass out to Melbourne?

Life is it's usual hectic beast at the moment.  I love spending time with my family, I love my job, I love organising things for the house but just sometimes I wish there was two of me.  That said, I was lucky enough to get a pass out at the start of the month to go to Melbourne with some girlfriends.  I had been having a hard time at work and not feeling like I was getting what I wanted done at home, so it happened to be perfect timing to get my mojo back.

Flying from Perth to Melbourne is a 3-4 hour flight, depending on which way the wind is blowing.  I had to get to the airport during rush hour, so to account for the outside possibility that it would take twice as long to get there I left really early.  Which meant I got there really early.  Oh well, more time to crochet.

I was speed crocheting at this stage as I was desperate to finish a project for my friend who lives in Geelong and who I was going to meet up with.  I got it finished at her house and handed it over, and she was just delighted!  Her and her husband are Dr Who fans and her husband immediately spotted the border (which is the scarf the John Pertwee Dr Who wore). 

It is so lovely giving things I have made away, people are so generous with their praise.

So what to do when in Melbourne?  Eat and shop, that's what.  On the eating side of things, I went to the Meatball and Winebar - not for vegetarians but delicious

Seamstresses - very nice and delicious cocktails, the donut van at the Queen Vic markets - soooo delicious
and had an alcoholic cider slushy - which froze me from the inside, as if the winter weather wasn't enough!
On the shopping side of things, I went to Ikea to get something that we don't get in the Perth store (a monumental event but worth it in the end), stocked up on bits and pieces at Daiso, bought lovely yarn from Morris and Sons and of course bought shoes.  I had first seen these in London last year but couldn't find them at any reasonable price ($200 for trainers is not reasonable to me).  I was looking in Myer for ankle boots when out of the corner of my eye I saw them!  At a reasonable price!  So happy!  I really am too old for them but what the hell. 
And I got the ankle boots - well done Myer!
And of course, when in Melbourne you have to take in some art.  This was in an alley behind a restaurant.
And to finish things off for today, here is the sunset over North Cottesloe last Thursday. 
 Keep well x


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