Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Season

April and May is birthday season.  My adopted Mothers Group kids are all born in April or May and there are a couple of the mum's birthdays too, along with the family birthdays of Princess and her cousin.

I had a strange moment standing in my local KMart the other day, choosing all sorts of merchandise (Ben 10 pants and pencil case, Fairies knickers, Princesses tiara-making kit) - I remembered making a promise to myself before the Little Soldier was born that I would not participate in the merchandising of my kids or any one else's.  In previous years I have been able to stick to this pretty well (including a basket of crocheted insects and butterflies that I sat up until 1 am the night before finishing - I almost didn't want to give it away!) but it seems that 15 kids parties in four weeks grinds down the resolve to buy non-Disney gifts. And to be honest, the kids like it...

Party food is a strong childhood memory for me, a chance to get all sorts of treats that we wouldn't normally get, and sausage rolls were definitely a party requirement along with fairy bread and cupcakes.  Homemade of course - my mum was not one for shop bought when she could do it herself, a trait which has definitely been handed down to me.  Here is the platter I took to a party on the weekend, with the centre well filled with tomato sauce.

I didn't make it through the front door before the parents were helping themselves.  Apparently I'm not the only one who remembers homemade sausage rolls!

I have been furiously knitting up my scarf that I mentioned in my last post whenever I can find a few minutes - I am only mum at swimming lessons who knits as opposed to playing with her smartphone.  I started the scarf thinking that I would do a ripple pattern, using the fabulous one by the lovely Lucy at Attic 24 (here's the post).  But the rows were too thick for effect I was after.  So I went back to a 1x1 rib on circular needles so I can carry one yarn up each side of the scarf.  Fortunately I taught myself the continental way of knitting so ribbing is not too slow but I have noticed that my tension is definitely looser on my purls compared to knits, so I end up with a quite bumpy fabric.  Hopefully blocking the finished product will help.

It is definitely autumn here, the days alternate between absolutely gorgeous sunshine with moderate temperatures and days like today - blowing a gale with clouds scudding across the sky, occasional showers and a definite need to keep the ugg boots on! At least all the wind means the clothes on the line will dry as long as I make it out there before the showers hit.  Here is the view from the balcony today...

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