Friday, May 18, 2012

Busy autumn days

Such a beautiful autumn day today, which made the mad racing around I did much more pleasurable. Sneaking a look at the sky never fails to lift my spirits when I am doing chores.

Everything in my garden is what my mother calls survivors - old fashioned plants that survive or even thrive on neglect.   Not much attention has been paid to the garden since we moved back in, and indeed not much was paid in the five years before we built the new house, but some plants just seem to soldier on and provide pleasure regardless.  How kind! Here is a climbing rose that is in the backyard, next to the old outdoor toilet.

And a washing line full of clothes bathed in bright sunshine - a sight that fills my housewifely heart with joy.  It was a beautiful washing day today, bright and breezy, no need to race out to the line when showers threatened!

Part of today's list was to make a curry for Sunday night family dinner.   My favourite is a recipe from  Rick Steins Food Heroes called Mumrez Khan’s Lamb and Spinach Karahi. Delicious though like most curries a decidedly unattractive brown. There is a paprika in the recipe - I love a reason to get my paprika tin out (on the top left). Why a couple from the 70s is on a paprika tin is a mystery but they look so free and breezy, the paprika must be fabulous!

These are my mothers day flowers from last Sunday.  Don't they just look so bright and cheerful! 


  1. YUM! The curry looks good, even if it is just brown ;-). You made me laugh re: the free and breezy 70's paprika couple....gotta get myself some of that!

  2. Yay for Sam - my first ever comment and follower! You have to get some of the paprika - it's makes me giggle every time I open the spice drawer... :)