Friday, May 11, 2012

Too many UFOs

I have had a long and tiring week this week with not too much movement on many of my WIPs. To get some perspective, I took photos of everything that I have on the go and was somewhat dismayed by the results...

Sweater Vest for The Dude.  This will be a long time before completion, seeing as he doesn't really want it.  Don't ask me the obvious question - why am I making it???

Retro Throw Rug for my friend Wendy as a housewarming present.  Wendy hasn't moved into her new house but it is going to a close run thing to get the throw ready.  I only have two sew two block in and then do the edging but it's the finishing that always takes the most time.

Stash Scarf.  I love doing stripes with variegated wool, watching the different colours come up next to each other.  This is very much a stash buster scarf that was small enough to take with me when I went out with the kids.  No need to finish it anytime soon but I am getting a bit sick of the sight of it, it will definitely be going into the present box.

Baby booties for the current crop of babies.  These shouldn't be too hard or take too long but I am personalising them with their initials in the soles, so I could be creating another monster for myself.

Stripey Scarf.  This is one for me (it's rare for me to make something for myself) so I want to get it finished to wear for the winter that is so rapidly approaching.

There is also a rug for Princess that is packed away and so many sewing tasks. It's all a bit disheartening at the moment, I'm sure I will be back to high levels of enthusiasm when I've finished the throw and the booties.  But I have ordered a knitting pattern from Canada that I desperately want to do for myself.  And the pattern is in French, which I speak not a word of beyond 'non parlais francaise'.  Oh dear.

Do you have a box of WIPs/UFOs - otherwise known as works in progress/unfinished objects.

What I have completed this week was a Peter Pan costume for the Little Soldier.

To explain, it is Mothers Day this Sunday in Australia and I was invited to a tea party at kindy today.  I was to dress as a fairy or princess and Little Solder had to dress up too, no superheroes allowed!  A call to the turn on sewing machine if ever there was one.  I found this lovely tutorial on Ashley's blog Make It and Love It.  Ashley has loads of fabulous tutorials, if you are a sewer sewist (have just seen how the word sewer looks in print and now understand where the strange word sewist comes from) I thoroughly recommend having a look. And yes, I am the type of mum who makes things big and says 'but you'll grow into it'.

For my own costume, I managed to borrow a flowery gown from a friend - it was a bit sad to look in wardrobe and find nothing, short of my wedding dress, remotely princess-like (ignoring all the smart work dresses which could pass off as Kate Middleton-esque).  I've never been much for pink and girly but wearing a proper frock was lots of fun, along with Princess' tiara and all the necklaces I could find.  Little Soldier thought I looked great and served me scones and cake.  It was lovely!

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day on Sunday.  No matter what you might think some days, you are doing a fabulous job!

To my own mum, who at nearly 70 has just embarked on a 10 day walking tour in the south of France, independent of any tour group and with just my dad for support and company, I love you, you are fantastic and I can't wait for you to come home. x

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